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DW 291


DW291 Multi Wire Saw

The DW 291 is specifically designed for slicing mono- and multi- crystalline silicon bricks into wafers for the photovoltaic industry.

The new developed DW 291 sets industry standards for fastest wafer cutting times. The DW 291 delivers a comprehensive set of innovations to further increase wafer output.

Longer wire web length as well as higher wire speed and wire acceleration enable an increased throughput per machine and year. Usage of ultra-thin diamond wire is possible as a result of optimized inertia of moving parts, shorter wire path and the Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS).

DW 291 is highly resistent to temperature fluctuation and vibrations due to its compact and robust mineral cast frame and rigid design.

Operation is safer, easier and faster thanks to higher process automation and new intuitive HMI with dialog-based production assistant.

Your benefits:

  • Increased throughput
  • Thin wire capability
  • Robustness and durability
  • Higher process automation
  • Easy and safe operation

Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS)

The mar­ket-proven DWMS pro­vides re­sharp­en­ing tech­nol­ogy and ex­tended wind­ing fea­ture and is patented in China (Patent No. CN 1044114334B). The DWMS en­ables faster cut­ting times, lower consumption of diamond wire and low­er wire break­age rate.

Thin Wire Capability

The use of 40 µm thin diamond wire is proven in production. This extraordinary capability re­duces significantly the kerf loss and max­i­mizes the num­ber of wafers per kilo­gram of sil­i­con. Com­pact de­sign and im­proved ac­cess to all rel­e­vant ma­chine parts allow bet­ter han­dling of thin wires and boost op­er­a­tor ef­fi­ciency.



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