Precision Surfacing Solutions

Since 1953 we are passionate about cutting hard and brittle materials and develop and manufacture the machines to serve the market leaders in the divers industries. And we still do so.

2019 The wafering division of Meyer Burger is sold to the Precision Surfacing Solutions group. The R&D, production and service departments stays in Gwatt (Thun)
2018 Market launch of the multi wire saw DW 291, specifically designed for the volume production of silicon wafer for the photovoltaic industry
2016 Market launch of multi wire saw DW 288 Series 3
2013 Market launch of multi wire saw DW 288, the first dedicated multi wire saw for diamond wire technology
2012 Move of Meyer Burger to the new building in Gwatt (Thun)
2009 Market launch of BrickMaster BM850 for cutting multicrystalline silicon ingots into square bricks
2008 Market launch of multi wire saw DS 271, the saw from which the greatest number were produced
2006 Holding name changed to Meyer Burger Technology Ltd, incorporated in Baar, Switzerland and IPO under MBTN
2005 Market launch of multi wire saw DS 264
2004 Market launch of band saw BS 805 and of multi wire saw DS 265, which was used with slurry and diamond wire
2003 Foundation of subsidiaries in China and Japan, positioning in the Asian markets

Market launch of multi wire saw DS 262, the first wire saw specifically designed for photovoltaic industry


Market launch of the first band saw BS 800 and of wire saw DS 261 for 12" semiconductor industry

Incorporation of Meyer & Burger Holding Ltd, incorporated in Zug

1992 Market launch of inner diameter saw TS 207
1991 Market launch of the first multi wire saw DS 260
1985 Market launch of annular saw TS 121
1980 Development of a saw, based on wire technology
1977 Market launch of the first inner diameter saw TS 23 with higly precise air bearing
1975 Market launch of the first reciprocating gang saw GS 1
1970ff Development of inner diameter saw and start of cutting of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry
1960 Market launch of the first annular saw TS 3

First delivery of a “Creusomat” (watch jewel manufacturing machine)


Foundation of Meyer und Burger GmbH by Hans Meyer and Erich Burger with focus on watch jewel manufacturing machines